About Us

nextDoc was created to help practices schedule appointments more efficiently by ensuring that patients are placed with the appropriate provider based on their healthcare needs.


Founded by a practicing surgeon who found himself increasingly frustrated with how the appointment process was continually sending patients that did not match the criteria he had determined to be valuable for his practice, nextDoc Solutions was created to help physicians survive and thrive in an ever-changing healthcare environment.

Combining practice-branded mobile and web applications, nextDoc utilizes our proprietary Appointment Optimization Solution (AOS) and patient access technology to solve a number of unique problems that independent physician groups face.  We are a technology company that provides tools that are quick to implement, easy to manage, and directly tied to revenue production.  And we are bound by our unique heritage to build solutions that allow practices to prosper.

Our History

  1. October 2013
    Initial product design
  2. April 2014
    First specialty client
  3. October 2017
    Added patient referrals
  4. June 2019
    Steady growth in surgical practices
  5. February 2021
    Launched v2.0