Automate the appointment process using a data-driven approach that optimizes each provider’s ability to generate revenue.


Paperless Patient Referrals.  Eliminate the need for inefficient phone conversations and instantly transform your practice into a referral-friendly environment.

Our Story

Learn more about our journey to serve physicians through an interview with our company founder.

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Consistently attract and schedule the most valuable pathology in your market

CEOs and Practice Administrators

Better understand the value of a patient encounter before the appointment is scheduled, ensuring that each provider has the right patient mix to grow the revenue of the practice.


Provide patients with a 24/7 entrance point into your practice and remove the guesswork from the appointment process for your team.

Marketing and Business Development

Increase patient volume by opening a new door into your practice and capturing the right patients while your competitors sleep.

Schedule intelligently. Physician time is too valuable to waste.

Benefits to Your Practice


Patient Approval of NextDoc App vs. Phone Call


Increase in Practice Revenue

How We Can Help


Drive Revenue

A practice’s ability to generate more revenue is determined by the type and volume of patients that providers see. While it is always important to be mindful of volume, it is equally important to understand what type of patients each provider needs to maximize their output.

Remove the Guesswork From Scheduling

Remove the guesswork from appointment scheduling by using our proprietary algorithms to intelligently prioritize appointments.

Fast, No Hassle Implementation

Our implementation process requires less than 4 hours of your internal resources.  You answer a few questions and we do the work.

Expand Patient Access

Expand your patients’ access to your practice from 40 hours a week to 168 hours a week.


Improve Your Business Development

Satisfy your referral sources by providing them a secure and convenient way to refer patients.  As your practice demonstrates ease and convenience, you will begin to take business from the competition.


Improve Patient Satisfaction

Patients want to communicate on their terms. Allow your patients the ease and convenience of requesting appointments from the device of their choice at the time of day most convenient to them.


Open the door to your practice 24/7 with nextDoc Visit.

“Patient access solutions that can (1) improve patient experience, (2) maximize revenue opportunities and (3) maintain work process integrity in a medical practice are hard to find. Fortunately for our organization, nextDoc delivered on all three. Even better, nextDoc is now helping us improve access and work processes for our referring physicians. nextDoc has been a technology solution that works for patients, for our staff, and for our referring physicians. That’s a huge win for our organization.”

Jon-David Deeson
Chief Operating Officer

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