Eliminate the Guesswork of Patient Scheduling

Provide your patients with an intelligent 24/7 entrance into your practice and help eliminate the guesswork of patient scheduling.  Provide cognitive insight into the patient encounter before the appointment is scheduled.

Decision Support Tool

Provide decision support tools for appointment clerks to intelligently assess the value of each patient encounter, before the appointment is made.

Instant Mobile / Web Strategy

Be present for your patients 24/7 through a unified mobile and app strategy. Patients access the app through your website or the Android and iOS app stores.

Maximize Revenue

At the time of scheduling, collect information to predict ideal location, timing, service line and level of provider for appointment requests in order to maximize your group’s revenue potential.

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Experience 40% More Revenue per Patient


24/7 Access

Provide patients an intelligent 24/7 access to your practice.

Decision Support

Provide clerks with decision support to create the most effective schedule based on your clinic priorities.

Increase Revenue up to 40%

Consistently attract and schedule the most valuable pathology in your market.

CEOs and Practice Administrators

Improve Revenue

Allow each provider in your group to optimize their revenue production by using cognitive scheduling processes that maximize every open appointment slot for the best possible financial outcome.

Increase Patient Satisfaction

Boost patient satisfaction and loyalty by allowing patients to request appointments conveniently and quickly.

Improve Physician Satisfaction

Maximize every minute your physicians spend seeing new patients.


Convenience Wins

Grow patient satisfaction and loyalty with a more convenient way to make appointments.

Streamline operations

Create efficiencies for your appointment staff by reducing call time with patients.

Instant mobile strategy

Use the nextDoc Visit platform to enhance your brand with an intelligent mobile strategy that allows patients greater access to your practice and take advantage of the overwhelming consumer shift away from telephone communication.