Expand Patient Access

Expand patients’ access to your practice from 40 hours a week to 168 hours a week. If the telephone is the only way you have to capture appointments, you are losing business to competitors every day.

Maximize Physician Schedules

Remove the guesswork from the appointment process for your team and replace it with actionable information, which provides scheduling staff with a fool-proof way to get the right patient in front of the right provider at the right time.

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Increase Revenue by 40%

Client studies have shown that patients using nextDoc Visit result in 40% more revenue than patients who did not use the app.

Find the Hidden Value in your Practice

Identify and schedule the most valuable pathology in your market for each provider in your group.

Help New Patients Find Your Practice

Make convenience a priority in the scheduling process.  Provide patients with a convenient channel to request appointments, while enhancing the practice brand through mobile technology.