Marketing and Business Development

Improve Referrals

nextDoc Referral improves referral satisfaction by providing a seamless solution for your referring providers and their patients. Become the provider of choice in your market by being the most accessible and providing superior service to your network of providers.

Instant Mobile and Web Strategy

Make interaction with your practice easy and convenient for your patients.  Utilize nextDoc Solutions products to create an instant mobile and brand strategy through the only private-labeled mobile appointment application in the market.

Convenience Wins

Patients expect to engage in the appointment process on their terms and at the time of their choosing.  Open a new 24/7 door to your practice and capture the most sought after patients while your competitors sleep.

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Increased Referrals

Provide your strategic referral sources with a customized online portal that allows your practice to become the provider of choice in your market.

Referrer Dashboard

Key referring providers have access to the nextDoc dashboard to track the status of their referred patients in real-time.

Actionable Information

Algorithm prioritizes referrals for your scheduling staff and organizes them conveniently in the nextDoc dashboard with the name of the referral source for immediate action.