Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Appointment Optimization Solution?

An appointment optimization solution (AOS) accepts patient appointment requests, stratifies the available patient encounters based on the clinical and business preferences of the providers, and directly guides the appointment staff on when, where and with which provider patients should be scheduled for their appointment.   And all optimization is based specifically on the clinical and business preferences of your providers.

What is nextDoc Visit?
nextDoc Visit is the only private-labeled mobile appointment app in the market.  nextDoc Visit not only captures patient requests for appointments, it optimizes the physician schedule to focus on the pathology that aligns with practice clinical and business goals.
How does nextDoc Visit work?
nextDoc Visit collects information from patients to predict the ideal location, timing, service line and level of provider for appointment requests in order to maximize physician clinic time.
How do my patients access nextDoc Visit?
Branded as your practice, nextDoc Visit is available in both the Android and iOS app stores.  The application can also be accessed by patients through a practice’s website.  We make all entry points available to patients through native apps, standard and mobile responsive web forms.
What is implementation like?

Our implementation process was designed by a single practicing physician, without an IT staff or project managers at his disposal.  We provide you with a few questions, which can all be answered in about an hour, and then we make the implementation happen on our side.  It’s fast and pain-free for your practice!

What is nextDoc Referral?
nextDoc Referral is a customized online referral solution that can be created for each of your key referral sources.  nextDoc Referral prioritizes referrals and organizes them conveniently into the nextDoc Dashboard for your appointment staff.
Why should my practice use nextDoc Referral?
nextDoc Referral has an easy to use user interface that allows your network to quickly give you information about a patient, eliminating phone time.  nextDoc Referral allows your team to quickly qualify referrals as they come in and directly work with the new patient increasing both patient and referrer satisfaction.

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